You all know how important a favicon for a website is. It is the face of your website. A favicon should be unique and represents the purpose of your website. Let’s see how to use the Custom Favicon tool to generate a unique favicon easily.

[1] Go to the Custom Favicon webpage ( on your smartphone or PC (PC is recommended).

[2] Choose the icon that you want to customize from the list. You can also search for an icon using the Search Bar.

Custom Favicon Tool

[3] Now, you will get the customization settings. Here, you can make the icon as creative as you can. The available customization options are Background, Icon, Shadow, and Border.

[4] As the first step of customization, you can change the background of the icon with different shapes. There are six different shapes available. If you want, you can change the dimensions of the favicon from 40 px to 1000 px.

Create Favicon using Custom Favicon tool

[5] Then, you can change the opacity of the background from 0 to 1.

[6] For color, you can use the color code box to change the color of the background.

[7] When you are done with the background, go to Icon Settings. Here, you can edit the size of the icon with respect to the size of the background. You can also change the opacity and color of the icon.

Icon Settings

[8] Then, you have the Shadow Settings. For a favicon, the shadow is the most important aspect of the image. Here, you can customize the shadow depth, angle, opacity, and color.

Shadow Settings

[9] The final one is the Border Settings. Here, you can change the size of the border with respect to the background, opacity, and color of the border.

Border Settings

[10] If you want to edit some settings, go to the respective settings menu and change the values.

[11] If you want to start it from the beginning, click the Reset icon.

[12] When you are done with your customization, you can download the favicon by tapping the Download Icon button.

In this way, you can create a favicon for your website. As there is a lot of customization option available, you can make a unique icon that stands out from others. Happy creating!!!